General Overview
This video gives a general overview of the entire site. The videos below give more details of each section but none of them have MUSIC!
Training Log Overview
  • Add Workouts
  • Sync your garmin® directly to Buckeye Outdoors
  • Design your own workout types
  • Drag and drop workouts
  • Add and manage equipment
  • Track your personal goals
Training Plans Overview
  • Create your own plan
  • Drag and drop workouts(even entire weeks)
  • Choose one of the public plans
  • Edit and save the public plan you chose
  • Your training plan will show up on your calendar
Diet Tracking Overview
  • Designed to help you meet your personal goals
  • Set your daily intake goals
  • Choose from the HUGE database of foods
  • Add your own custom foods
  • Create custom meals made up of foods from the database

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